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Meet the Artist

Hi! I'm Anna, the artist behind The Paper Fern Studio. I am an observer by nature, and a nature observer. I use art (and words) to discover and disseminate the world around me.

I create watercolor art to express what I see in the world, and I hope that it speaks to you, too.


  • Beginning Watercolor Class

    I'm teaching a new course! It's going to be a short introduction
    workshop on basic tools and techniques for painting botanical subjects
    in watercolor, whether you’re a beginner or a watercolorist looking to
    learn a new style.

  • Artful Inspiration

    There's nothing quite like having some fancy avocado toast and a
    cappuccino in the window of a busy cafe, is there? I spent a day in one
    of my favorite seaside towns, and it was pretty much perfect.

    Even though I'm not necessarily going to paint about these things, they
    take my mind off of what needs to be done and provide experiences and
    feelings to hearken back to when I need them.

  • Happy One Year!

    I'm taking the time to celebrate.

    I began making art in earnest one year ago, with the hope of being
    able to make a living at it. One year later, and I think there's
    promise! I've learned so much, and I feel (mostly) hopeful about the
    future of the Paper Fern Studio.